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Shanghai materials company fourth training


On October 16, the fourth new employee training of Shanghai Materials Company in 2017 officially kicked off at the headquarters, with a total of more than 50 new developers participating。

      This training not only brings together the excellent lecturers team from within the company and the steel division, but also invites experts from steel mills to impart marketing theoretical knowledge and skills。
      The first class is headed by the training of Ling Gang Zhou。Mr. Zhou has more than 20 years of marketing experience in the steel industry。In the class, he carried out precise, professional and systematic marketing skills training for business personnel, taught by example, and shared many successful cases of his career over the years;Also through the way of group discussion, let the company's internal sales staff carry out a fierce collision of ideas。

Xu Chaobin, general manager of the company, and Bai Xuefeng, deputy general manager of the company, shared and communicated with each other from the perspectives of "company culture", "My development story" and "How to carry out business effectively"。
      "My c&d story", since in the experience of dribs and drabs, talk about their own journey and growth trajectory, notting have is not deep and vivid。Vice President Bai Xuefeng's "How to Carry out Business effectively" not only explains the importance of mentality, skills and personal cultivation to new people, but also fully analyzes the experience and typical cases in their business process, so that every new person has resonance。
       I believe that everyone listening to their sharing, will understand in the career development of the road there will be thorns there will be flowers, as long as willing to adhere to, the courage to learn, the future will be a piece of light。

"Restrictions are everywhere, there are many things to do, you must know that you can't do anything, no one in the world limits you to contribute, for this everyone must carefully study the rules of the game.。”
      To this end, each functional department of the company carefully prepared the business control system and rules of the shares, business divisions and the company to communicate and interact with the new employees. On the one hand, it elaborated the focus of each control, and on the other hand, it also explained the deep meaning of each control。
      "Internal communication is important。”
       In line with this concept, the two excellent document managers of the document center fully and thoroughly communicated with the new personnel about the business operation process, operation skills, profit accounting and other contents, which can further promote the interaction and understanding between the business personnel and the document operators, and jointly improve the internal operation efficiency。

During the training, there are gains every day, and every day is wonderful。
     A basketball game after class not only cultivates the good habit of every C&D person to actively participate in physical exercise, but also enables C&D people to get to know each other and get familiar with each other in such a game, so that our group of people will not only be colleagues, but also good friends to play together and enjoy together, and will be good partners to "fight together" in the future。
A generation of talented people embroider silk, thousands of authors billions of poems。
Every training, from all over the new development of people have gained, in the future work we will shine, shine our own light。